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About Landmark Credit Union

Mission Statement
Landmark Credit Union is committed to providing affordable, high-quality financial services in a friendly, professional, and personal environment while remaining loyal to the communities we serve.


Board Of Directors
Randy White
Richard Carroll
Steve Handley
Maridale Palmer
Dwight Lucas
Alisa Lamm
Carl Robertson
Jennifer Dixson
Eric Turner
Credit Union Staff
President - Randy White
Vice-Pres, Operations - Anna Melecosky
Vice-Pres, Loans - Anita Longest
Member Service - Debbie Goin
Marketing - Judy Anderson
Visa - Amber Tabels
Information Technology - Anna Melecosky
Lending - Michael Crisp, Dawn Williams, Jeri Wilson, Laura Sager, Patrick Devens,Amber Tabels.
ACH-Share Draft Coordinator - Tina Howard

Landmark Credit Union is a full service, non-profit financial organization dedicated to serving our members. We were originally charted in 1935 as the V.A. Credit Union to specifically serve the employees of the V.A. Hospital in Danville. Our first office was located on the hospital grounds and for the next 50 years credit union business was conducted in essentially the same manner. We also provide service to BroMenn Healthcare in Bloomington, Illinois, where many employees still take advantage of our great service. In the early 1980’s several smaller credit unions merged with us and, in 1986, the credit union was granted a community charter so that we could serve other residents of the immediate Danville area. Our office was relocated to its present location at 506 W Fairchild. In 1988, our name was changed from the V.A. Credit Union to Landmark Credit. In 2003, we merged with Westville Federal Community Credit Union and now have a branch location at 220 S State Street Westville, Il. Today we serve approximately 9500 members. In 2013, we merged with Danville Consolidated Credit Union adding a second branch location at 176 Eastgate Ct, Danville, Il.  Today we serve over 10,000 members.

We take great pride in helping our members get the best value for your dollar. Membership in our credit union provides you with many low cost and free benefits.

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